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Riya Chandiramani challenges the intricate web of societal constructs that shape the narratives of women today. Her latest body of work, presented in (G)love Marriage, serves as a powerful exploration of resistance, dismantling societal stigmas deeply entrenched in patriarchal and capitalist structures. The hand that may be asked for in marriage is placed into ubiquitous yellow rubber gloves. Adorned with the intricate patterns of bridal mehndi, Chandiramani ignites a dialogue on the societal expectations that confine women to roles tied to their “marriage-worthiness” and marital status, while simultaneously undervaluing their invaluable contributions to society. In the artist’s hands, the rubber glove transforms into a symbol of resistance, urging society to reconsider the inherent value of women beyond the limiting labels that diminish their worth.

Select prints from this series are available at Vain Projects.

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