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Chandiramani’s latest body of work envisions a dismantling of societal stigma and constructs rooted in patriarchal, capitalist structures.


Incorporating hand symbols of resistance, Chandiramani renders the ubiquitous yellow rubber glove embellished with bridal mehndi, or henna to create dialogue on societal expectations of women’s roles. Through Chandiramani's observations, these roles tend to equate their value with "marriage-worthiness" and marital status, while simultaneously undervaluing their work and contributions to society. Chandiramani juxtaposes the visible and invisible, in a form of resistance of her own - igniting a movement to view women as valuable. This concept is regardless of marital status, or labels that devalue innate human worth. Through this juxtaposition of iconography, Chandiramani invites the viewer to explore their relationships and roles they play in society. 


In the words of the artist: “the gloves are something removable but the only way we can get rid of them is if we take them off and throw them away."

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