Riya Chandiramani’s work explores the relationship between nourishment, the female body, and power. In her current series, Riya reimagines children’s cereal boxes to explore ideas around worship and consumption in our patriarchal society. To Riya, the cereal aisle of any grocery store is the epitome of capitalism, and exemplifies our choice to nourish our bodies through cheap and fast means while, conversely, society has increasingly stigmatized natural nourishment provided by female bodies such as breastfeeding. Despite the hyper-consumerism represented by the cereal boxes in Riya's work, her main subjects are fierce, empowered mother goddesses, performing these most natural acts. Through this stark juxtaposition, Riya challenges the sexualization and censorship of female bodies, reminding us of their inimitable power to create and cultivate life. Referencing iconography from Indo-Persian and Tantric miniature paintings and Chinese Mao-era propaganda posters, Riya confronts these complex issues with humour, honesty, and a hint of nostalgia.

Select limited edition prints are available online at Young Soy Gallery.